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Use phpBB without javascript

Post by gameblabla » Wed May 17, 2017 9:25 am

If you are really paranoid and you are afraid of even enabling javascript on some unknown websites (e.g. Tor browser),
Here are some tips that can help you.

For the most part with javascript disabled, no big difference except when it comes to posting...
Some menus (Options, Attachments, Poll Creation) will not work correctly but you can still use them, scroll down a bit
for attachments and polls.

Of course, the WYSIWYG editor will not work at all : you will only get an empty text area box.
But you can still enter the BBcodes manually, here they are :

Code: Select all

[b]This text will be in bold[/b]
[i]This text will be in italic[/i]
[u]This text will be underlined[/u]

[quote]You can also find a post and press the button Quote[/quote]

[img][/img] Replace the dummy image link with your one.
[url][/url] Links to a website, replace with your link.

[*] This is
[*] a list

[color=#000000]This text is black[/color]
[color=#FFFF00]This text is yellow[/color]
[color=#0040FF]This text is blue[/color]
[color=#00FF00]This text is green[/color]
[color=#FFFFFF]This text is white[/color]

And all the smileys bbcodes :
 :D  :)  ;)  :(  :o  :shock:  :?  8-)  :lol:  :x  :P  
 :oops:  :cry:  :evil:  :twisted:  :roll:  :!:  :?:  
 :idea:  :arrow:  :|  :mrgreen:  :geek:  :ugeek: 

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