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My latest releases

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:05 am
by gameblabla
Here are my latest games i have released to the public

Copyright Infringement!!! The regressive Right

It's a gay porn game for the Colecovision with full motion video.
It was so impressive, Atariage shut it down.
The game requires a Colecovision emulator supporting MegaCART cartridges, like CoolCV for example.

Grab it here : ... me_buk.rom

Youtube video:

Forbbiden Love

Another gay porn game but this time for Pebbles !
Harmonia ("N") and Hilbert meet each other after defeating ghetis.
Harmonia thanks him for the help but he suddenly became naughty and decided to go the hard way...

So far, it was not taken down by Fitbit.
Download (uncensored) ... n_love.pbw
Appstore (penises blacked out) ... b64b0004fb

Evil Australians

Finally, i'll end my post with Evil Australians.
It's my first game where i attempted to make from scratch a platforming game.
The troublesome aspect was to deal with the scrolling and collisions.
Even though the code is flawed, the game is playable but should i work on another game like this,
i might have to start from scratch...